Rainbow bow - Baptism bow in rainbow colors


    Christening bow in all the colors of the rainbow will be a beautiful and unique detail for your child's Baptism day. A bow with a lot of joy and character that will be a beautiful detail for the christening suit. The rosette is approx. 75 cm long.

    The Christening gown is manufactured and sewn onto your choice of Christening gown at Grace of Sweden's own studio in Sweden.

    Rainbow bow - Baptism bow in rainbow colors

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    Christening bow in a unisex model with a very colorful radiance in the rainbow color scale.

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    Wide Baptism bow

    You can buy a wide Christening bow if you wish for your Christening gown, and we'll sew it on to your gown.

    You can also choose to buy a guardian angel for your bow in the selection options if you wish.

     The Baptism bow is 25 mm wide and 75 cm long and made by hand in our studio in Sweden.

    €9.00 Price

    Rainbow bow

    Christening bow in gorgeous rainbow of colors. A bow with plenty of charisma and character, which is available in two different colour options, one in the bright colors of the rainbow and one in sweet pastels. The bow is about 75 cm long. This bow is an advanced craft performed on Grace of Sweden's own studio in Sweden.

    €39.00 Price


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