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Christening bonnet Grace-Madde White Satin


Sweet Christening bonnet in white satin with cute ruffled edge. The bonnet gives your child a classic baptism-look. Grace of Sweden sew the bonnet after your order at their own studio in Sweden. The bonnet is a traditional garment that will frame your beautiful baby´s face and highlight the eyes.

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Christening bonnet Grace-Madde White Satin

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Beautiful Christening bonnet that fits Grace of Swedens white Christening gowns.

It is fully lined and made in white satin with a pretty lace edge that gives the face a beautiful framing. The bonnet is available in three sizes. The bonnet is a classic garment that will frame your beautiful baby´s face. 

We recommend dry cleaning or a light hand wash, ironed on satin. The bonnet is a craft performed on Grace's own studio in Sweden.

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