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    Family embroidery on narrow band


    First fill in your personal choices and press the save button, then fill in what you have chosen further down to pay for your specific choices.

    Our embroidered Baptismal rosettes give your Baptismal gown a sense of your family history. To have space for many names we only recommend first name and year on this bow. If you want more names and dates, we recommend our Christening bow on wide band, (see below) We embroider your bow based on your personal choices and you can create a unique Baptismal band with our beautiful options such as guardian angel, rose-rosette or double rosette (bow with double loops). You can choose from many different tones on your bow tie, from colour 20 to 44. We embroider font nr.2 on rosettes.

    Fill in the first name here. Then each name costs + year 199 SEK st.

    You can email or write the following name in the message box at the end of the purchase.

    We add it to your invoice.

    More advice can be found further down.

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    Doprosett med släkt broderi

    Family embroidery on narrow band

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    Please complete all requirements for how you want your embroidered bow and if you want some accessories.

    Start by filling in how you want your choices for your ribbons and press save, then click the appropriate boxes for how many names you wish and so on. If you want to buy a rose-bow or guardian angel, check the box next to it, so it is added to your order. Then you can proceed with your purchase and add it to the cart.

    In the gallery you can also find some new colors of ribbons. You can choose between tone 22-44. The ribbon is 25 mm wide and about 75 cm long.

    By double rosette is meant this model with double loops.

    Ros rosette refers to this rosette model with a handmade rose.

    For your inspiration there is a lot of are pictures of different variations of ribbon colors, fonts and various accessories.

    You can also visit our Pinterest page for dopbroderier: Gallery

    Orders that include embroidery made within 5 days.

    Questions about bow embroidery: Approximately 70% of customers embroider the Baptism date, 30% embroider the baby's birth date. We use font 2 for ribbon embroidery.

    If you have any questions, you're welcome to write in the comments section when you finish your order.

    When you select many names for your ribbon, then the risk that it may become a little bite wryly. When it is a craft to place the band in the frame and a millimeter error in a 25 mm wide band can be seen. We do our utmost to make everything as nice as possible, but warns little for this fact. Hoping for your indulgence and that you will be satisfied any way.

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    First fill in your personal choices and press the save button, then fill in what you have chosen further down for the payment of your particular choices.

    Our extra-wide Christening bow-ribbon gives you the opportunity to embroider many family names on your bow. This bow gives your Christening gown an exclusive feel and become a beautiful memory to save for future generations.

    We recommend font 3 to this Christening bow.

    Please feel free to contact us and we can guide you and give you a correct price.

    (approx. 250 SEK / per new embroidery, depending on the number of names)

    €69.00 Price


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