Dopklänningsbroderi för dop
    • Dopklänningsbroderi för dop
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    Baptism embroidery will make your gown personal and unique, and it will be a beautiful memory for the future. We have many carefully selected thread colours that you can decorate your Christening gown with.

    For placement see options, see the photo-galley under the main picture: 

    Saga: central placement, Edvin: right placement, Melvin: left placement.

    Visit our embroidery gallery on Pinterest for inspiration.

    More information can be found below.

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    Dopklänningsbroderi för dop


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    Our default position of the embroidery is in the centre front of the skirt, above the border. Alternatively to the right or left at the bottom of the skirt. See image options: Saga: central placement, Edvin: right placement, Melvin: left placement. We adjust the size by the number of names and thread colour, for best results. The more names, the smaller the letters will be. If you will embroider many names on your gown, we recommend font 3 or 1, as these spread out less in length. See sample images. If you want any particular size or placement of your design or have other wishes, you're welcome to fill out the message box when you finish your order.
    If you wish to embroider a dress without buying one from us, you will find it under the category siblings embroidery. Orders that include embroidery are sent within 5 days.

    If you want to see many inspirational pictures, visit our Pinterest page with embroideries in countless  variations: Embroidery gallery

    Answers to common questions about christening gown embroidery

    Approximately 70% of customers embroider the baptism date, 30% embroider the baby's birth date. If you would like the embroidery tone in tone choose creamy white (nr 1) thread for white fabric and thread pure white (nr 4) for off white fabric. That makes the embroidery appear beautiful.

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