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    Embroidery for sailor collar


    First fill in your personal choices and press the save button, then fill in what you have chosen further down to pay for your specific choices.

    With Baptism embroidery  you make your sailorsuite personal and unique. The embroidery becomes a beautiful memory for the future. We have many carefully selected thread colors you can choose from. If you want more names, we recommend Baptism embroidery on bow with short ribbons for suits. You also have matching sailor hat and Baptismal shoes for those who wish.

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    Embroidery for sailor collar

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    We adjust the size of your embroidery to the number of names, thread color, etc. for best results. The more names the smaller the size of the letters. If you want many names then we recommend style 1 or style 3. As these spread out less in the length. See the example pictures.

    If you want more or long nman, we recommend rosette embroidery on short bands instead, as the collar has a limited space. If you want a special request, you can fill it in the message box when you finish your order.

    If you want to see many inspirational images, you can visit our Pinterest page with baptismal embroidery in countless variants

    Here you can see many examples of sailors' embroidery and embroidery on short ribbons.

    Orders that include embroidery are sent within 5 days.

    Approximately 70% of customers embroider the baptism date, 30% embroider the baby's birth date. If you would like the embroidery tone in tone choose creamy white (nr 1) thread for white fabric and thread pure white (nr 4) for off white fabric. That makes the embroidery appear beautiful.

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    Bow embroidery with short...

    First fill in your personal choices and press the save button, then fill in what you have chosen further down for the payment of your particular choices.

    Our embroidered Christening bows gives your formal wear an exclusive feeling and becomes a beautiful memory to save in the future. Here you can choose a short bow that fits  short dresses or suits. We embroider according to your wishes and you can choose from many different colors. You find them in the photo gallery, and there is also inspirational images.  More advice can be found below.

    €59.00 Price

    Modern baby shoes for Baptism

    Cute baby shoes in white with blue details. Fits just as well for Baptism, weddings and other festive occasions and is an excellent match for our sailor clothes. The shoes is well made and comes in three sizes.The baby shoes is made of white cotton canvas with nice details.

    A detail that adds that extra to your Christening outfit.

    Shoe size 18, 11 cm from toe to heel (approx. 0-5 months)

    Shoe size 20, 12 cm from toe to heel (approx. 5-9 months)

    Shoe size 22, 13 cm from toe to heel approx. 9-15 months)

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