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Dopklänning med lyxig vit spets
  • Dopklänning med lyxig vit spets
  • Dopklänning med spetsärmar
  • Dopklänning med spetsärmar
  • Dopklänning med lyxigt dopbroderi i blått
  • Dopklänning från garce of sweden
  • Dopklänning för pojke
  • Dopklänning i fint hantverk

Christening gown Grace-Ebba


Beautiful Christening gown in tone ivory / cream colored with beautiful lace top ,tone on tone with the dress. This Baptism gown belongs to in the collection "One of a Kind", Baptismal clothing in a maximum of five copies, for those who want to be unique. With our beautiful Christening accessories and embroidery services. Can be supplied with fabric sleeves.

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Dopklänning med lyxig vit spets

Christening gown Grace-Ebba

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Lovely Christening gown in satin and lace in ivory tone.This Christening gown is available in a maximum of five copies and sewn after your order and your unique choice. Each dress is unique and individual as you yourself create your dress along with us.

You will find many different Christening accessories as bonnets, headbands and other accessories for Baptism 

If you wish to embroider your christening gown or doprosett Sun buys you to it under our various embroidery services

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Wide Baptism bow

You can buy a wide Christening bow if you wish for your Christening gown, and we'll sew it on to your gown.

You can also choose to buy a guardian angel for your bow in the selection options if you wish.

 The Baptism bow is 25 mm wide and 75 cm long and made by hand in our studio in Sweden.

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