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Christening gowns One of a Kind

Grace of Sweden exclusive collection "One of a Kind 'consists unique Christening gowns in one to five copies. It is a collection for those who think it is important with quality and uniqueness. Each christening gown is a beautiful craft that is designed and sewn to the Grace of Sweden's own studio in Sweden. We use our most wonderful fabric and lace to these dresses, to create something special for you baptism day.

Christening gowns One of a Kind

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Christening gown...

Grace-Adrianne is a wonderful Heirloom Christening gown  with a luxurious lace with embroidered beads on life and sleeves, which gives the dress its luxurious look. This baptismal dress is part of our "One of a Kind" collection. The dress has a beautiful soft white shimmering tone. The lace sleeves are pierced and gives a light romantic impression. With this dress, your baptismal day becomes something extraordinary!

A baptismal dress to save for generations.

€333.00 Price

Christening gown Grace-Fiona

Our delicate Christening gown Grace-Fiona is a very  beautiful white gown with a lovely thin French lace on a layer of light chiffon. A very beautiful detail is the skirt's ending where the beautiful tip is emphasized against a smooth chiffon ruffle from the lower chiffon skirt, which gives a stylish feel. The christening dress has both a modern look or a shabby chic look depending on accessories.

€318.50 Price

Christening gown with pearl...

Our beautiful chiffon Christening gown has a beautiful pearl embroidery on the bodypart that is made on a shimmering silky organza fabric, which makes the dress completely unique. It is only available in a few copies and has an exclusive feeling. It is a beautiful craft that is performed at Grace of Sweden's own studio in Sweden. With our beautiful Baptismal accessories, you transform your Christening gown into a personalized garment to save for generations.

€254.50 Price

Christening gown in pink...

An incredibly beautiful and exclusive Baptismal gown in a classic pink tone. A wonderful decorative lace tone in tone with the gown adorns the body and the skirt. The dress is included in the collection of unique baptismal dresses "One of a Kind" and is stitched in genuine Thai-silk with lovely phrase and matte /glossy luster. The lace ends about 35 cm above the skirt hem and you can embroider on that surface of the lower silk fabric. Only available in one copy, size 68/74.

A real family heritage baptism dress!

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€284.50 Price

Christening gown -...

Note The color of the tip of the pictures is sold out. It is off white, the one we have left is cream-colored. Gorgeous lace overlay in thin, sheer lace. The dress has a historic feeling with a beautiful back with many details. It is shorter in front and longer in the back, with many small folds that form a nice width in the skirt back.

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€189.00 Price

Princesuit Grace-Edgar

Our Prince suite Grace-Edgar is cut in the original 17th's century cut. Both jacket and pants are made in thai-silk in royal tones. And it is a a craft  as close to "baby haute coture" as you can get! The suite is a unique craft  made in our own studio in Sweden. Grace of Sweden realize´s your dreams! It makes your boy a Prince for a day.

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€313.50 Price

Christening gown...

Beautiful Christening gown in only one copy. This Christening gown has a pretty lace border that separates the top from her skirt and the top has a beautiful embroidered floral patterns and hand sewn beads. The Baptism gown is stylish in a semigloss satin fabric with soft and nice fall. You can give your dress a personal tuch with any of our accessories.

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€245.00 Price

Christening gown...

Cute  Christening gown in a beautiful pink / lavender tone with matching tulle lace. The dress is very clean and simple in its style which means that the color stands out beautifully. Only available in five copies and sewn by hand in Sweden according to your order. You can choose your own decor such as embroidery, Christening bow and if you want a bonnet ton by ton we will sew it to you. This is aunique Christening gowns crafted in our own studio in Sweden. 

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€146.50 Price


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