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    Christening gown Grace-Minéa


    Our beautiful chiffon Christening gown Grace-Minna has a tuch of shabby chic and is a unique dress. It's only made in four copies and the lace on the top provides a wonderful old-fashioned feel. It is a beautiful craft performed on Grace of Sweden's own studio in Sweden.

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    Dopklänning att spara i generationer

    Christening gown Grace-Minéa

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    Spårbar frakt

    Our sweet Christening gown Grace-Minéa is a beautiful Christening gown elegant style. The top is dressed with an shiny lace and skirt in sheer chiffon in a lighter tone, and ends with a single flounce. (As Grace-Rose, se photo) Very beautiful and well-fitting model with a neat sleeve. Small slit in the neck with concealed znapp-buttons. The dress is 105 cm long from neck to hem. The skirt is fully lined.

    If you want a different bow color or another bow options so you can buy it under its own tab, where you will find many other colors and options that makes your dress completely your own.

    All other images as embroidery, guardian angels, etc. is only inspirational images and are available as accessories for your christening gown, so it will be exactly as you dreamed of.

    Baptism embroidery are optional and makes your dress unique.

    Bonnet associated Grace-Minna is the same as the bonnet for Grace-Rose can be ordered under the tab Bonnets or here below.

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    Stay ahead of the fashion trends with our new selection.

    Wide Baptism bow

    You can buy a wide Christening bow if you wish for your Christening gown, and we'll sew it on to your gown.

    You can also choose to buy a guardian angel for your bow in the selection options if you wish.

     The Baptism bow is 25 mm wide and 75 cm long and made by hand in our studio in Sweden.

    €9.00 Price

    Bow embroidery

    First fill in your personal choices and press the save button, then fill in what you have chosen further down for the payment of your particular choices. (Example: 1name: Sara, 2 names: Sara Maria, 3 names: Sara Maria Smith.)

    Our embroidered Baptism bow gives your Christening gown an exclusive feeling and become a beautiful memory to save. We embroider according to your wishes and you can create a unique bow with our beautiful options. You can choose from many different tones of ribbons, color 20-44 in the photo gallery and you can see inspirational photos. We recommend font 2.

    More advice can be found further down.

    €59.00 Price


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