baptism suit in silk for boys
    • baptism suit in silk for boys
    • boy in luxury Prince suite for baptism
    • silk christening suite from grace of sweden
    • baptism suite in Swedish design
    • siden till exklusiva dopkläder
    • Prinskostym i 1600-tals stil för pojkar
    • exklusiv dopdräkt för pojkar
    • kläder högtidliga tillfällen för pojkar
    • handsydd Prinskostym i siden
    •  dop sko i duvblått silke

    Prince suit Grace-Nicolas


    Our wonderful Prince suit Grace-Nicolas is a craft in true "haute coture" spirit. The suit is cut in the historic 17th's century in authentic thai silk. The beautiful royal color´s enhances the details and give your son a real prince look! The suit is a craft from Grace of Sweden´s own studio in Sweden, made after your order.

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    baptism suit in silk for boys

    Prince suit Grace-Nicolas

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    Our stunning Prince outfit Grace-Nicolas is a true copy of a 17th's original costume. With the historically beautiful cut and comfortable fit. The puff pants have the characteristic sections showing the blue silk in the gaps, and the sleeves are nicely shaped, which gives a comfortable fit. The jacket shapes highlighted with dove-blue piping.  The suit is fully lined with cotton and closes with snaps. The suit is made from authentic thai silk in silver gray with dove-blue details, the truly royal colors that enchants your son into a real little prince!

    The suit is a unique craft that are sewn in our own studio in Sweden and is so close to "baby haute coture" you can get. The Prince jacket is included in the price, then you can choose which pant model you want. The puff trousers in 17th's style, or a plain smooth pant (We have no picture of a regular pant yet, but the model is the same as the boy in "Grace-Emil suit" last in the line of image´s). The suit is fully lined with cotton and closes with snaps.

    Puff pant fits nicely with both bare legs or tights to.

    You can bye a small hand-sewn booties to this suite , also in matching the silk fabric. 

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    Our Prince suite Grace-Edgar is cut in the original 17th's century cut. Both jacket and pants are made in thai-silk in royal tones. And it is a a craft  as close to "baby haute coture" as you can get! The suite is a unique craft  made in our own studio in Sweden. Grace of Sweden realize´s your dreams! It makes your boy a Prince for a day.

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