As a result of Covid 19, many children's Baptism day has been brought forward in recent years. Now that we see the light in the tunnel, many babies have become larger than the usual Baptismal children and require larger sizes. We have the opportunity to meet your needs for larger sizes as we sew our Christening clothes in our own studio in Sweden. You will find our entire range in sizes 80 and 86 as standard. Except for a few Christening gown and Christening suite models where the fabric is out and we can not sew bigger for you. We also sew c.92 on request, email us and ask if your dream gown or suit is available in c 92 so we can probably arrange it.

If you think it feels strange with a Christening gown for such big boys, we have a beautiful modern selection of Christening suites for your sons' Christening day.

We hope you will finally be able to hold your baptisms in 2021, get to present your little darlings to relatives and friends and have a nice time together to remember in the future.


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