Frequently Asked Questions

Payment options for different countries

We use Klarna Check out as a payment method worldwide, for your safety.

Leave a message with your order

If you want to leave us a message regarding your order, it's fine. At the end of your purchase you will find a message box, where you can fill in your questions or wishes.

E-Commerce Security

To feel more secure with your purchase, you can visit Grace of Sweden's Facebook page and read our customer reviews, and on our Pinterest page you can see many variants of dresses created by our customers . You will also find reviews on our first page in the shop and can leave reviews yourself if you wish.

We work together with Klarna to ensure that you have the absolute safest payment solution. Through Klarna, we accept payment via bank / credit card, direct payment, invoice or partial payment.

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Problems ordering in the shop

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If you need help, email us: or call us +46702552141.

Questions about sizes

Use the size guide to help you make your choice. The breast size is the most important size to choose from.

If your child is in the middle between c.56 / 62 and c.68 / 74, you can write it as a comment in the message box at the end of your purchase, and we will adapt you dress so it becomes c.62 / 68 instead. Please enter the baby's breast circumference, weight, current size and age there. The sizes are in a reasonable fit, not cramped but definitely not baggy. They are not intended for e.g. sweater underneath.

Rosette Replacement Questions

It is easy to crack the bow and sew on a new one. Take a slashing knife and if you do not have it, you can use a sharp nail clipper. Bend the bow to the side and split open the stitches that hold the bow. Do it from both the right and left and it will come loose. We sew it quite hard because babies are stronger than you can imagine to get rid of them otherwise.

Which christening dresses are chalk white

The all-white christening dresses are Tradition White, Madde-white, Tradition Marin, Philip, Grace-Vickan white, Grace-Sanna, Grace-Wilmer, Sailor dress white, Grace Fiona, Grace-Noah, Tradition blue, Grace-Wilmer, Christening dress in white cotton embroidery fabric, Grace-Wilma, Grace-Vickan lace.

Shipping & Delivery

Manufacturing time:

Most products we have at least one ready-made for direct delivery. Christening clothes over 250 Euro are usually sewn after ordering and it can take 5-7 days.

With embroidery we may need up to 4 days extra during the high season, but we usually have time within 24 hours.

Delivery times:

Shipping time takes about 2-4 weekdays days within Sweden, 3-10 days to Denmark and Finland, 20 days to Norway including customs clearance time. To the rest of the world 10-30 days.

To Norway it takes 4-7 days until the package reaches Norwegian customs and their processing time varies, then it takes a few days to ship within Norway. So expect at least 20 days delivery time, to have good margins.

The packages are well packaged and safe from damage. Your shipment is usually delivered with PostNord consignment note or DHL. We choose the shipping that best suits your purchased goods. Normal delivery time is 1-3 weekdays within Sweden. You will be notified via text message or e-mail that the item has been handed in to the carrier. You will also receive a notification message to pick up your package from a PostNord representative. DHL is picked up at DHL's delivery point Service Point. The shipping cost is SEK 35 within Sweden regardless of weight and SEK 59 to Norway.

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Urgent order

If you are in a hurry with your order, you can email us and we will try to find a solution so you get your dress on time. For example, we can send your order by express. Then you will receive your package 2 days later, but home delivered before 11 provided you are at home and receive the package. Otherwise it goes to the delivery point and the notice is issued the next day.

Addresses with rural postmen always have a 2-day postal service according to Postnord.

(Unfortunately, postnord has removed the air freight and therefore there is no longer even an express letter for the next day. However, it is available to buy from DHL and costs around 40 Euro within Sweden and 65-85 Euro inside EU. This presupposes that we have time to send it before 12 noon the day before.)


About 70% of customers embroider the baptism date 30% embroider the child's date of birth. If you want the embroidery tone in tone, choose creamy white thread for white fabric and chalk white thread for off White fabric, then the break will be just right and the embroidery will look beautiful. We recommend style 2 for ribbon embroidery and tone on tone embroidery, as style 1 easily blends in too well and becomes difficult to distinguish. If you want your embroidery very discreet, you can choose it. If you want a special size for your embroidery, enter it in the message box at the end of your purchase. Otherwise, we adapt the embroidery to the number of names you have chosen and the thread color / font you have chosen. The more names, the smaller the letters. For many names, we recommend font 1 or 3.

If you have your own dress and only want to buy embroidery, it works well if the dress is not very old and fragile.

You do this under " Sibling Embroidery / Embroidery of an Old Dress ".

Then the following conditions apply: We are of course very careful with your dress, but there is always a risk that some mishap will occur with an embroidery machine. For example, there may be oil splashes on the fabric or machine can get stuck and make a hole. With our own dresses, this is not a problem because we can sew a new one. But if it should happen with your dress so that it can not be restored, we will replace you with an optional model of our dresses in the Tradition, Madde or Flower series. Order your embroidery above and send the dress to us. Put a note with the dress so we know to which embroidery it belongs. Sent to:

Designcompaniet AB / Grace of Sweden
Att: Kristina Olofsson
Lillro 111
855 91 Sundsvall



All models that require lining so that the dress does not become transparent or fall nicely are already included in the model.

Personal preferences

With us, you can always make a personal request as an addition to your order. There is a message box at the end of your purchase, where you can fill in your wishes, or email us before your purchase if you feel unsure. All dresses can be shortened If you want a fine dress for another occasion than a baptism and want your dress shortened, it works well. Just email us how long you want your dress from the back of the neck to the end of the skirt. We always do our utmost to accommodate your wishes. If for some reason we can not, we will contact you about this before delivery.


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