• Unisex Babyskor med silvergrå stjärnor
    • Babyskor med vackra stjärnor i silver

    Baby shoes with silver-gray stars


    Wellmade baby shoes in white with small fine silver gray stars embroidered as cute details. Fits just as well for baptism, weddings and other festive occasions and is an excellent as christening gifts. The shoes are well made and comes in three sizes. The baby shoes fits well to many of our baptize clothes.

    A detail that adds that extra to your baby's festive outfit.

    Shoe size 22, 13 cm from toe to heel

    Shoe size 20, 12 cm from toe to heel

    Shoe size 18, 11 cm from toe to heel

    Baby shoes with silver-gray stars

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    Nice baby shoes with cool details that give your baby a cool  lokk for the Christening, wedding or other festive occasions. A solid little shoe in white that fits perfectly for example our sailor suit.

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