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  • Storage wardrobe made in Grace of Sweden´s own studio. The wardrobe is made of a beautiful cotton satin and is closed with five decorative buttons. Keep your dress with accessories safe for the future. Store the closet dry and in a dark space for optimum results. Dimensions 35 x 115 cm, hanger included.

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Storage wardrobe

Grace of Sweden offers an exclusive storage wardrobe for you to store your Christening gown best over time. Your Baptism gown will be a fine legacy to pass on as an heirloom for future generations. Then Christening gowns easily get lost or destroyed, we want to increase the possibility that you manage to keep your Christening gown nice in the future. We often have clients who have lost a family gown, so our advice is to save a note among important papers where you have stored your dress. Hang it in a cool, dry and dark place for best results. Our storage closet is made of cotton so it breathes and does not form condensation that can damage your Christening gown.