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    copy of Headband with a cross and your choice of embroidery


    Baptism-headband is a Baptism accessories, used tied around the baby's head. Baptism band has a beautiful small cross embroidered in the front. The kross is embroidered in off white thread on a bright white satin ribbon. The ribbon is 25 mm wide and 110 cm long and tied behind the head. Used for example in some orthodox baptisms.

    copy of Headband with a cross and your choice of embroidery

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    Baptism band with a cross on the forehead is a baptism accessories used for baptisms, tied around the child's head. The band has a beautiful symbolic cross embroidered in the center front. Baptism ribbon is tied so the cross is on the center of the forehead of the baby, and then have long ribbons is hanging down in the back.

    We offer band in white, if you want a different tone on the ribbon, or cross, write it in the messagesquare at the end of purchase. 

    We embroider the Baptism ribbon our selfs, and it is a product of Grace of Sweden's own design and manufactured in Sweden.

    The tape is 25 mm wide and 120 cm long and tied behind the head of the child.

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