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Baby bäddset med valfritt broderi
  • Baby bäddset med valfritt broderi
  • Baby bäddset med valfritt broderi
  • Baby bäddsätt till pojkar med ljusblått broderi
  • Handsydd babylakan och örngott i babayblått
  • Sängkläder med broderi för baby pojke
  • Babybäddset med blå detaljer för pojke

Baby bedding with own choice of embroidery


Bed set for wagon or cradle from Grace of Sweden's collection of unique baby presents. We sew your bedding in our own studio in Sweden and embroider after your wishes. For example the child's name or a little love message. We sew our bedding in ÖkoTex fabrics with great care. Decorated with beautiful French lilies and a nice piping. We want to help you give away a truly unique gift.

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Baby bäddset med valfritt broderi

Baby bedding with own choice of embroidery

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e embroider to your wishes, so your gift will be a nice personal gift. You decide what to put on your bed set, but remember to keep it as short as possible so it will fit and get well.

The bedding is from Grace of Sweden's own collection of bedding in 100% organic ÖkoTex branded fabrics. Our sleeves are made in our own sewing machine in Sweden and are a fine and carefully crafted craftsmanship with many nice details, giving that little extra.

The bed set consists of a 70 x 80 cm sleeping sheet and a pillowcase 28x 35 cm. Comes in pink, blue.

For inspiration, there are pictures of different variations of colors, texts, etc. You can also visit our Pinterest page to see examples of embroidered dipshops: coming soon.

Orders that include embroidery will be posted within 5 days.

Most common questions about Baptism gift embroidery:

About 70% of the customers embroider the child's name. The fewer names the better the results.

We recommend Style 2 that is best seen on loose material.

If you have any questions or questions, you may want to write in the comment field when you complete your order.

Since it is a craft to place the giraffe in the embroidery frame and the giraffe is included, it is a little bit tricky. We do our utmost to make it absolutely perfect and hope you will be satisfied.


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