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Turquoise baby blanket with embroidery


Baby changing blanket or for the baby to lay on the floor. It is made in turquoise with a white pattern and red details. You can choose whether you want to embroider embroider the baby's name or a love message on your blanket. Wonderful christening gift or for the baby's birth, which will be much appreciated. If you want to give away a set, you will find many nice personal christening gifts that match the baby blanket nicely, for example there is a matching children's pillow. More information can be found below. More information can be found below.

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Turquoise baby blanket with embroidery

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Start by filling in what you want embroidered on your cuddly toy and press save, then check the boxes for how many names you want, etc. Then you can proceed with your purchase and add it to the shopping cart.

For inspiration, there are pictures of different variations of colors, texts, etc. 

Orders that include embroidery will be posted within 5 days.

Most common questions about Baptism gift embroidery:

About 70% of the customers embroider the child's name. The fewer names the better the results.

We recommend Style 2 that is best seen on loose material.

If you have any questions or questions, you may want to write in the comment field when you complete your order.

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