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    Guardian Angel


    Our handmade guardian angel is a beautiful accessory for your Christening gown. In combination with your other choices, you can create a completely personalized Baptism outfit.

    If you only want to buy a Guardian angel with a Baptise bow, make your color choice first and press save, then fill in your angel choice and then save in the shopping cart.

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    Guardian Angel

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    Spårbar frakt

    Our guardian angel is a nice accessory that gives your christening gown personal charisma with a nice message. The guardian angel has a beautiful pearl-shine and is a craft that we make ourselves in our studio in Sweden.The Guardian Angel is available in seventeen different color combinations. Use the color guides when making your choice. There are a pictures of the 2016's new Angel-colors in the image gallery.

    The Guardian Angel is also a nice gift for godparents or siblings. If you wish to buy several angels you put them one on one cart. Then you can choose different colors and options based on your own preferences.

    In our Pinterest page, you can see the many inspirational pictures of different combinations of guardian angels and bows. Here is the link: Gardian angels on Pinterest


    Keep in mind that the guardian angel is not a toy and do not let small children play with it as they can put it in the throat and suffocate.

    Care instructions

    Use a small vacuum bag or wrap plastic film over the angel when stored over time, so keep it nice. Always wash your gown without the guardian angel on the garment. It is easy to take loose and sew on again. If you choose to dress lightly rinse in the shower so make sure the angel is dry.

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