Festdiadem i flera färger för dop
    • Festdiadem i flera färger för dop
    • turkost diadem till bäbis dopet
    • Festdiadem i rosa till flickas dop
    • diadem i dop vitt
    • flicka i dopkläder med turkost diadem

    Headband´s in many colors


    Choose a headband that matches your choice of Baptism accessories or your favorite colour. It becomes a beautiful detail that gives a luxurious look to your Christening or party dress for your child. You can choose from four popular colors, off white, turquoise, pink and purple headband with beautiful rhinestone decoration in the middle.

    Festdiadem i flera färger för dop

    Headband´s in many colors

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    Spårbar frakt

    We offer you a beautiful headband in several nice colors with nice rhinestone detail that gives a festive look. It fits as well into Baptism or other celebration for the baby and siblings. You can match the headband to your Christening or party theme or any of our fine baptism accessories.


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