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Grace of Sweden's ambition is to offer today's families modern and individual baptismal clothing that they themselves can be composed to suit their own wishes. So that each family gets a completely unique baptismal dress that represents their children and family on baptism day. We always work based on our values ​​when designing our baptismal clothes, where one is diversity. Therefore, you will find hundreds of uniquely designed baptism dresses, baptismal costumes, sailor clothes, etc. in our baptism collection which you will find in our webshop. Our goal is for everyone to go through our collection of baptism clothes to be able to find just their unique holiday costume. We work with diversity in all aspects, therefore we have baby photo models from all parts of the world, children and parents with disabilities, etc. So that everyone regardless of their origins and conditions should feel welcome and included when they visit our website. If you visit our Pinterest page you can see many fantastic and varied and unique baptismal clothes created together with our customers over the years. We are so proud that together with the customer we are able to fulfill our dream of individualism and uniqueness and their dream of their baptism day. One of our goals is to always be modern and innovative. To design as much for boys as for girls and unisex baptism clothes, where the customer chooses what suits their children. We work with modern technology and meet our customers smoothly via e-commerce all over the world. We think personal care is important and we always want to deliver an old-fashioned personal service of the highest quality. Our baptismal dresses and baptismal clothes are designed by Tina Olofsson, who with her 25 years of experience as a costume master in theater and modern dance has a fingertip feel for beautiful materials, quality of fabrics and a unique competence in cutting and fit. We trade unique fabrics and sewing accessories in the European capitals, everything is chosen with great care and many of our baptismal collections are so unique that they are only available in three to five copies, which we call "One of a Kind". You can also have your baptismal dress designed uniquely according to your own wishes in collaboration with Tina.

Baptism dresses are a very exciting ritual garment.

In a family, baptismal attire can often be the longest-lasting, many-generation affiliation. Which gives the baptismal clothes a very high affection value and a sense of the wings of history. The baptismal dress in today's design with a long mostly white dress broke through in the 19th century. In the past, baptismal clothing was often colorful, and often a baptismal sack was used when the infant was wrapped at that time.

The symbolism of the baptismal dress and its long skirt

The symbolism of the baptismal dress and its long skirt is that the child should grow into faith. But also a symbol of God's love and grace being greater than man's ability to encompass. In some branches of Christianity, they are considered a sacrament after baptism and are to be saved life as sacred objects. The white color that belongs to today's baptismal clothes symbolizes purity, innocence, but also celebration within the Christian faith. Baptismal clothing is now available in many different shapes and models and colors. The families choose what they feel is right for their children and family. The materials vary and so does the color of the baptismal clothing, although white is predominant. Baptism dresses are often stored within the family and many family members have been baptized in the same baptismal attire. A strong tradition is to embroider the name of the baptism child and what date and year the baptismal dress was used. Which over the years gives a beautiful decoration of memories to the baptismal dress and tells its story to the next generation. Baptismal clothing has a tendency to disappear in relocations and divorces. Therefore, it may be good to store your baptism clothes hanging in a specially marked cloth wardrobe, or in a beautiful box with other baptismal memories.

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