hello/baptism-bows/double-bow Double bow for christening gown - Baptism accessories in many colors
Dubbelrosetter till släktklänning
  • Dubbelrosetter till släktklänning
  • Dubbla vackra doprosetter
  • dopklänningens  vackra dekor
  • Dubbel doprosett ger stil
  • vit stilren doprosett ton i ton
  • Grace of sweden störts på doprosetter
  • många vackra dopbands färger
  • vackraste dopbandsfärgerna
  • doprosetter i alla modeller och färger
  • Dubbelrosett till dopet

Double Bow


If you wish to double bows on your Christening gown, then you can buy them here and we will sew them on your dress. You can choose from many beautiful shades and create a completely personal look for your Baptism day. All bows are made by hand. If you wont to buy double bows for your own dress, buy them here and we send them to you.

Dubbelrosetter till släktklänning

Double Bow

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If you wish to double bows for your gown, you're welcome to buy it here. Choose the color you wish and we will sew them on your dress. Do you want to buy only bows that's fine.

All our bows is a craft that carried the Grace of Sweden's studio in Sweden. Our color range is carefully selected to offer you so many and beautiful tones as possible.

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