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Welcome to Grace of Sweden – Here you will find baptismal clothes and everything for your baptism occasion The ambition of Grace of Sweden's is to offer individual Christening gowns for today's modern families. The gowns can be composed according to your own wishes, so that every family can truly get a unique baptismal dress that represents just their children and family for their special day. Our core values, one of them being diversity, are very important to us when we design our baptismal clothes. That's why you'll find hundreds of unique designer Christening gowns, baptismal costumes, sailor clothes etc. in our Baptism collection, available in our web shop. Our goal is for everyone looking at our collection of baptismal clothes should be able to find exactly their unique costume. We work with diversity in all aspects. Therefore, we have baby models from all continents, children and parents with disabilities etc. so that everyone, regardless of their origin and condition, can feel welcome and included on our website. If you visit our Pinterest page, you can see many amazing, varied and unique baptismal clothes created for our customers over the years. We are so proud that we, together with our customers, succeed in combining our dream of individualism and uniqueness with their particular dreams for their special day. One of our goals is to always be modern and innovative. We strive to design as much for boys as for girls and unisex doll clothes, so that the customer can choose what suits their children. We work with modern technology and are thus able to conveniently accommodate our customers through e-commerce worldwide. We think personal attention is important and always wants to deliver an old-fashioned personalized service of highest quality. Our baptismal dresses and baptismal clothes are designed by Tina Olofsson, who has 25 years of experience as a costume champion in theater and modern dance. She has a fingertip feeling for beautiful materials, the quality of fabrics and a unique competence in cutting and fit. We purchase unique fabrics and accessories in the capitals of Europe's. Everything is chosen with great care and many of our baptism collections are so unique that they are only available in three to five copies, which we call "One of a Kind". In cooperation with Tina, you are able to get your Baptismal gown designed exactly according to your own personal wishes.

Christening gowns – over 75 different models of the highest quality

Christening gowns are very exciting ritual garments. In a family, a Christening gowns can often survive for several generations. This provides the baptismal clothes with a very high affection value and a sense of history. The design of our time, with a long most often white dress, first appeared during the 19th century. Prior to that, the baptismal dress was often colorful, and a bag was often used, as babies commonly were wrapped at that time. The symbolism of the long skirt is that the child should grow in faith. It is also a symbol of that God's love and grace is greater than the human ability to embrace. In certain aspects of Christianity, Baptismal dresses are considered a sacrament after the ceremony and shall be saved as holy objects. The white color of today's baptism symbolizes purity, virginity, but is also a celebration within the Christian faith. Today, Baptism clothing is available in many different shapes, models and colors. The families are able to choose what suits their children and family. The materials vary and so do the colors of the Christening gowns, although white is predominant. Baptismal dresses are often saved in the family and many family members have been baptized in the same baptismal dress. A strong tradition is to embroider the name of the baptismal child along with date and year that the baptismal dress was used. Over the years, this provides a beautiful decor of memories and stories for the next generation. Baptismal clothes tend to disappear when moving and divorcing. Therefore, it may be a good idea to store your baptismal clothes in a specially assigned and marked fabric closet, or in a beautiful box with other memorable baptisms items.

Christening gowns

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Christening gown...

Cute  Christening gown in a beautiful pink / lavender tone with matching tulle lace. The dress is very clean and simple in its style which means that the color stands out beautifully. Only available in five copies and sewn by hand in Sweden according to your order. You can choose your own decor such as embroidery, Christening bow and if you want a bonnet ton by ton we will sew it to you. This is aunique Christening gowns crafted in our own studio in Sweden. 

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Christening gown Tradition...

Our christening gown is a beautiful Christening gown with old antique feeling. It is sewn in a fine off white linen fabric, with many fine details. The laces are slightly lighter and break beautifully against the linen fabric. The Baptismal gown is available with both short and long sleeves and with a pink or light blue Christening bow included in the price. The Christening bonnet is found here below.

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Christening gown Sailor...

Stylish sailor suit in off white cotton satin with ribbon decorations tone on tone. Our sailor suit fit as nicely as Baptism clothing as other special occasions in life such as weddings and birthdays. The suit is a craft that are sewn in Grace of Sweden's studio. It gives your child a charming festive look! Photogallery for Inspiration here Ribbon with embrodery you can bye here.

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Grace-Philip in off white...

Baptismal suit with beautiful brocade vest with jacquard weave pattern. The Christening outfit has a nice off white tone and is sewn in high quality linen. A nice suit that gives your boy a real festive look on his big day, whether it is for baptism, weddings or other occasions. The baby suite closes in the back with a hidden zipper and the vest is decorated with six beautiful buttons.

Size list can be found at the end of the photo gallery.

kr956.00 Price

Christening gown Tradition...

We design timeless baptismal clothing in high quality. Tradition White is a wonderfully well-made Christening gown in white linen for boys, with many beautiful details. It is equally good for boys and girls and is our most beloved unisex Christening gown. With our accessories and embroidery services, you can compose a unique Christening gown for your child's special day.

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Christening gown...

Grace-Adrianne is a wonderful Heirloom Christening gown  with a luxurious lace with embroidered beads on life and sleeves, which gives the dress its luxurious look. This baptismal dress is part of our "One of a Kind" collection. The dress has a beautiful soft white shimmering tone. The lace sleeves are pierced and gives a light romantic impression. With this dress, your baptismal day becomes something extraordinary!

A baptismal dress to save for generations.

kr2,716.00 Price

Christening gown Tradition...

Our christening gown Tradition Antique is a Christening gown with old fashioned feel. It is sewn in an off white linen fabric which gives an antique look. The baptismal dress has many nice details. The cap can be found below. The tips are slightly lighter and break beautifully against the linen fabric. Good unisex model that you can transform with your personal choices of doproset, dop embroidery and other accessories from our range. The Christening bonnet is found here below.

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kr772.00 Price

Christening gown Tradition...

Our linen Christening gown in natural colored linen is a wonderful a Baptismal gown with beautiful lace details in off white. The Christening gown is made in linen of Europe's highest quality, in genuine Swedish tradition. It is an appreciated Baptismal model for both boys and girls. With our wide range of accessories and embroidery options, you can easily make your Christening gown personal and unique. A true quality Baptismal garment to save as a memory for many generations to come.

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Christening gown...

Our baptism dress Grace-Madde Lace is lovely Christening gown in off white with beautiful lace details. The dress body has a beautifully woven lace ,ending with a soft lace-ribbon and the skirt which has a soft beautiful satin fabric. With our accessories and accessories and embroidery services, you create your very own Christening gown for your child's special day.

kr980.00 Price

Christening gown Grace-Fiona

Our delicate Christening gown Grace-Fiona is a very  beautiful white gown with a lovely thin French lace on a layer of light chiffon. A very beautiful detail is the skirt's ending where the beautiful tip is emphasized against a smooth chiffon ruffle from the lower chiffon skirt, which gives a stylish feel. The christening dress has both a modern look or a shabby chic look depending on accessories.

kr2,599.20 Price

Christening gown with pearl...

Our beautiful chiffon Christening gown has a beautiful pearl embroidery on the bodypart that is made on a shimmering silky organza fabric, which makes the dress completely unique. It is only available in a few copies and has an exclusive feeling. It is a beautiful craft that is performed at Grace of Sweden's own studio in Sweden. With our beautiful Baptismal accessories, you transform your Christening gown into a personalized garment to save for generations.

kr2,076.00 Price

Christening gown in pink...

An incredibly beautiful and exclusive Baptismal gown in a classic pink tone. A wonderful decorative lace tone in tone with the gown adorns the body and the skirt. The dress is included in the collection of unique baptismal dresses "One of a Kind" and is stitched in genuine Thai-silk with lovely phrase and matte /glossy luster. The lace ends about 35 cm above the skirt hem and you can embroider on that surface of the lower silk fabric. Only available in one copy, size 68/74.

A real family heritage baptism dress!

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kr2,900.00 Price

Christening gown -...

White Christening gown in sailor model, beautiful decorated with navy blue satin ribbon. The Baptism gown is sewn in a beautiful white Italian cotton satin. Which means it has a beautiful luster and is easy to . A perfect unisex Baptism gown designed for boys and girls Christening. Pictures for inspiration for your sailor's look can be found on our Piterset page here.

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