Care instructions

Care and washing instructions for our Christening gowns

Advice for those who choose to wash away a stain on your dress yourself.

This is a guide for those of you who wish to wash your dress yourself, but it is performed entirely at your own risk. You can not water-wash silk dresses and embroidered dresses. These need to be dry cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. Keep in mind that the linen dresses lose their beautiful surface if you water wash it. A small spot however, can be removed gently, provided you do not wet the entire dress. If you feel insecure, talk to a dry cleaner.
Always wash the dress after use if you get a stain on your gown. If you wait until the next use, the stain can become permanent or very difficult to remove. It's much more fun to find a perfect dress for the next baptism. Hang the dress in the shower on a hanger, which does not shed colour when it gets wet. Soak the spot with water and then take a little baby shampoo or silk soap on a wet white cloth or cotton swab and rub lightly. Rinse the entire dress if it's a satin dresses. Otherwise there may be roses after drying. Let it hang and dry. Stretch lace gently for easier ironing.

Guardian angel

Always wash your dress without the guardian angel on the garment. It is easy to take off and sew on again. If you choose to wash it partly, rinse in the shower so make sure the angel is dry. Keep your angel in a vacuum bag or wrap it in plastic wrap when storing it so it is not in contact with air. Then it stays nice for a long time!

Store your Christening gown

We recommend that you store your gown in a storage bag that breathes, which is made of a natural material. You can purchase an exclusive storage bag in cotton satin from us:

The bag with the dress should be stored in a room that is dry and dark.

Linn dresses and linen suits

We recommend dry cleaning, which maintains the beautiful surface. The dress is washable at 40 degrees delicates or a light hand washing, for those who wish, but at your own risk.
Apply steam or use a spray bottle when you iron you gown.

Silk Dresses

We recommend dry cleaning and never wash it with water. Iron on silk.

Satin dresses

We recommend dry cleaning, which maintains fabric and lace beautifully. The dress can be washed lightly by hand with silk soap or baby shampoo for those who wish, but at your own risk.
Iron synthetic, two dots without steam.

Cotton Dresses

We recommend dry cleaning, which maintains the beautiful surface for fabric and lace.

Can withstand 40 degree delicates or hand washing (not inclusive sailor dresses / sailor suits). Iron on cotton preferably with steam or spray bottle

Sailor Suits

We recommend dry cleaning, to maintain the beautiful surface of the fabric. The dress can withstand a light hand washing with silk soap or baby shampoo for those who wish, but at your own risk. Iron on cotton, but use caution over the ribbons.