We also offer ALTI, personalized jewelry to your child in Swedish design. These jewelry are uniquely created in silver and become beautiful gifts for birthdays or christenings. When they are in Swedish design with a personal appeal just as Grace of Sweden's own products, we think it is nice to be able to offer this jewelry to our customers in our selection of christening and newborn gifts. We want to offer you the most valued personal baptism gift you can give away. Loved and used. Christening gifts with a personal touch and high quality. There, you can influence your christening gift and send a love message to the baby that came into your lives.


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Jewelry with name and baby...

Fine jewelry that is perfect as the birth or Christening gift. Handmade in silver and adorned with baby's name and little cute baby feet that is punched and black oxidized. The pendant is suitable for both boys and girls and hanging in a black leather strap. The jewelry is a craft from ALTI.

595.00 Price

Name Necklace with heart -...

Beautiful name jewelry with heart and sparkling stones. There are two loose sheets hanging on each other in a silver chain. You can choose any name you want on the tray. Beautiful and personal baptism or birthday gift from ALTI in silver.

2,095.00 Price

Beloved son, daughter,...

A little heavier and thicker tile with text beloved son (Alternatively: daughter, friend, mother, father, brother, sister, etc. instead) stamped on one side. The text is written so that the carrier can read it when you have it on themselves and be reminded of the meaning. On the other hand punches to the name of the person who will wear it. The tray hangs in a curb in silver.

1,595.00 Price

Jewelry for luckin life in...

Lucky-jewelry with a modern twist to give to a newborn little baby. The text on the plate is "Happiness in life" and it is a symbolic lucky-flower punched in the middle. The pendant is suspended from a necklace of silver.

895.00 Price


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